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U.S. Department of Education-funded wearable that uses vibration reminders to help users improve focus and attention.

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Our proprietary machine learning algorithm is trusted nationwide.


Accidents happen. We cover them all, at   NO cost. Even if the device is lost or stolen, we'll replace it for JUST $44.95!

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Made from medical-grade plastic & TPU. FREE from phthalates, BPA, lead & latex.


Handles everyday splashes & spills like a champ!

Real Reviews From Real Customers

Customer Spotlight

Jennie & Cora

"Her attention span was 49 minutes - which is fantastic.
Her teachers have noticed that her grades have been impacted."

Amy & Ethan

"Ethan loves his Revibe Connect.
He is so excited every night to sync the Revibe to the app.
He wants to know which areas he has improved in.
He loves to see the rockets!

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How It Works

Keep them engaged without calling them out.


Revibe Connect sends reminder vibrations to the wrist of the user, prompting them to ask themselves: 

"Am I on task?" 

If yes, they keep up the good work!

If no, it triggers them to independently  resume on-task behavior.

Get individualized help with staying on-task.


Revibe Connect's smart technology learns the user's specific focus needs, and auto-adapts the frequency and strength of vibration reminders accordingly.

See reminders when they're needed.

Add a schedule to view focus metrics by class. Revibe Connect will learn what subjects challenge the user most, sending fewer reminders as performance improves. Leave non-working times like lunch and recess blank to disable vibrations when they aren't needed.

Program short text reminders to pop-up on Revibe Connect's screen at certain times of day. For example, "Write down homework" can show every weekday at 2:30pm.

Track progress with the app!

See easy-to-read, daily reporting on focus, attention, participation, steps and more on the Revibe Connect app for iOS/Android. Build confidence by celebrating improvements!

Revibe Connect in 2 Minutes



  • 83% of users saw immediate, sustainable improvement in focus & attention in a research study on Revibe's core vibration reminder technology.
  • ZERO complaints regarding Revibe causing a distraction from users, teachers and peers during our pilot study.
  • Risk-FREE, hassle-FREE 90-day return policy - no harm in seeing how it works for you!