How It Works

Keep them engaged without calling them out.


Revibe Connect sends reminder vibrations to the wrist of the user, prompting them to ask themself: 

"Am I on task?" 

If yes, they keep up the good work!

If no, it triggers them to independently  resume on-task behavior.

Get individualized help with staying on-task.


Revibe Connect's smart technology learns the user's specific focus needs, and auto-adapts the frequency and strength of vibration reminders accordingly.

See reminders when they're needed.


Add a schedule to view focus metrics by class. Revibe Connect will learn what subjects challenge the user most, sending fewer reminders as performance improves. Leave non-working times like lunch and recess blank to disable vibrations when they aren't needed.


Program short text reminders to pop-up on Revibe Connect's screen at certain times of day. For example, "Write down homework" can show every weekday at 2:30pm.

Track progress with the app!


See easy-to-read, daily reporting on focus, attention, participation, steps and more on the Revibe Connect app for iOS/Android. Build confidence by celebrating improvements!

Revibe Connect in 2 minutes: