Release Notes

Version 1.0.46 - Sync - reliability improvements

  • Sync - upgraded bluetooth plugin, added more error handling.
  • Schedule - updated labels and added descriptions.


Version 1.0.45 - Sync - reliability improvements and validation messages.


Version 1.0.44 - Sync - reliability improvements.

Version 1.0.43 - Changed setting to prevent Revibe from falling to sleep on wrist in some instances.

  • Changed settings to avoid having the Revibe fall asleep too easily.


Version 1.0.42 - Syncing enhancements, including a prompt before starting the sync.

    • Background Syncing
      • Prompt before starting - when app loads, the user will be prompted to "sync now" (if a device is in range and needs syncing) or "later".
      • Recurring syncing - disabled for now.
      • Revibe freezing on "Connected to App" - this seems to happen during background syncs. With the data transfer changes, this issue should be minimized or eliminated.
      • Step/Response data - changed load process to improve reliability.

Version 1.0.41 - Added description of each mode, minor changes to syncing.

    • User Device Preferences > Mode - added an "i" icon with description of each mode.
    • Sync > Fidgets -improved the reliability.


Version 1.0.40 - IOS syncing reliability, shows schedule example if no schedule.

    • Syncing fidgets - enhanced logic to improve reliability. iOS 12 has a bug related to network calls, and some users have had trouble syncing fidgets as a result.
    • Schedule > default schedule - added overlay that describes the benefits of the schedule with an example.


Version 1.0.39 - Vibration strength in adapt mode changed, bug fix on recent reminder syncing

    • Syncing Reminders - fixed issue syncing reminders that are setup to occur within the past 20 minutes.


Version 1.0.38 - default schedule changed, dashboard now includes weekend stats, bug fix in high/med/low modes.

    • Default schedule - changed to be every day 7am-12pm.
    • Dashboard - including weekends by default.
    • Schedule Sync - fixed quirk to enhance reliability
    • New firmware available
    • Schedule Form - change "M-F" button to "Touch For Mon-Fri".


Version 1.0.37 - notice that default schedule is being used if no schedule events, bug fix on data outside of 7am-4pm for special cases

    • Schedule - if no schedule, display message regarding default schedule
    • Fixed issue where data outside of the 7am-4pm window would not be sent to the database in certain circumstances

Version 1.0.36 - monthly dashboard bar charts now shows data in daily averages, sync deletes only required data from device for sync speed, changes for sync reliability with new firmware, improved schedule reminder input validation

    • Dashboard > Bar Charts > Monthly data now plots daily averages rather than monthly totals.
    • Sync
      • Modified process. If there are syncs close together then this change will be noticeable because it will go much faster.
      • Schedule
      • Reminder Input - improved validation.


    Version 1.0.34 - Change to increase the speed of sync in setup wizard, new schedule reminders input

      • Schedule > Reminders - try out the new input where three lines of ten can be added.


    Version 1.0.33 - Sync resilience increased, increased performance in device with new firmware changes,  schedule reminder input now formats reminder text as it will show on device.

      • Firmware Upgrade
        • If there is an error, the sync process will wait a couple of seconds then try again. 
        • New, improved firmware
      • Reminders - now splits across three lines to make it easier for the user to format the text across the three lines.