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Renew your membership to continue tracking progress with focus, attention, steps, fidgets, and more on the Revibe Connect app for iOS/Android.  Additionally, all members are covered by an extended warranty with unlimited FREE repairs, and replacement of lost/stolen devices for a fraction of the original cost!

Free Shipping & Returns (US Only)

90-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee


Attention-Training Reminders

Step Counting

Watch (Time & Date)

Water Resistant

No Phone Needed for Student

7 Day Battery

Improve Grades and Behavior

Vibration reminders help students stay on-task

Instead of being embarrassed by a teacher's tap on the shoulder or frustrated by nagging from parents, kids feel gentle, automated 'vibration reminders' on their wrist to remind them to get back to work. This type of discreet redirection empowers students to focus their attention and complete their work independently, usually leading to improved grades and self-confidence.

End the Homework Battles

Frustration-free for everyone involved

Along with three pre-programmed 'Modes' based on the user's distraction level (Low/Medium/High), Revibe has a special, psychology-based 'Homework Mode' that keeps students focused and working with vibration reminders for 15 minutes, then cues a 5-minute break. As kids learn to work independently, homework struggles with parents are reduced.

Tech Specs

What's Included

• 1 x Revibe Connect
• 1 x Micro USB Charging Cable
• 30-Day Access to PLUS Membership*


• Screen size does not vary
• Small (most popular!) fits wrists measuring 10-18 cm in circumference
• Regular fits wrists measuring 14-22 cm in circumference


• Charge once daily
• Use any USB charger adapter


• Skin-safe TPU wristband
• Medical-grade plastic device

Money Back

Focused. Confident.
Healthy. Happy.

Results in 1-2 weeks or your money back!

Revibe is worth trying with your child if they:

- Are motivated to do well at school, just need an extra "nudge"
- Respond well to verbal redirection
- Are willing to consistently wear a watch

Trusted by these school systems....

EL Paso

Real customers. Real results.

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    United States United States
    Overall, it's worth it.

    We are a homeschooling family and my oldest has ADHD and a few other learning differences. He's 9 and by the time he was this age I always imagined I'd be able to get him started on his own work to do mostly independently while I taught his younger siblings. But here I found myself, having to sit next to him and gently tap his shoulder as if to say "Are you doing what you are supposed to be doing right now?" as he'd be doodling halfway through an addition problem, staring into space, inventing problems with his chair that do not exist, all to delay having to finish that math problem. Or read that word. Or write that sentence. You get the gist. Not only were we having issues during "school time," but he'd forget halfway up the stairs to his room that he was going to get dressed, and would end up playing Legos and holding the entire family up when trying to get out the door. He even would get in the car only for me to ask "Um, where are you shoes?" to see his face, shocked, look back to the house and exclaim "Ack! I forgot SHOES!" All that to say, Revibe now takes a hefty chunk of that weight off my shoulders to be his constant reminder-er. The app is clunky and feels old, like it's a remnant from my original iPhone, almost, but it works. As homeschoolers with a more flexible day, the setting up of a schedule in the app isn't super helpful for us as we might do math first one day and then last the next day. But, the buzzing on his wrist to remind him to ask himself "Am I on task?" really has helped. He told me he went upstairs and forgot that he was supposed to be getting dressed for an outing, but a few moments into playing with his toys his watch vibrated him and reminded him to get dressed. So it's helping! Math (his most reluctant subject) has gotten much better as well, he gets it done in half the time. I wish the LCD was more responsive: Sometimes we have to tap it several times to "wake" the watch up to get the time or date or whatever, and sometimes it can be hard to see. It's just not very crisp, I guess. My husband scoffed at the band seeming to be cheap quality compared to a similarly priced FitBit, but since it's helping it's worth it for me. I'm still not sure if the app seems worth it, since again, we don't have a set class schedule like a kid in school would have. TL;DR: Screen leaves a bit to be desired, the app seems old/dated, and band seems cheap. But still, it's proved very helpful to keep my ADHD son on task and that enables him to feel successful and his mama to feel like one less thing she has to remember, so that's a win for us.

    IVY K.
    United States United States
    Very helpful!

    Overall, I think after the app update everything will run smoother. I just wished there is a way my son can create his own profile so he can sync to his own phone because he likes see his stats for the day. Also the vibration for reminders and class schedule is very weak that he misses most of them right now. He has been wearing it for a couple of weeks and it doesn’t seem to bother him and it’s really great that it tells the time also. Maybe the text could be bigger so it’s easier to see and it would be amazing if there’s a way we can send him messages through the app!

    Revibe Technologies

    Hi Ivy! Your son can download the app onto his phone and sync as well! He does not need his own account, you can log in to the app on as many devices as you would like using the same email and password :) You can also increase the vibration strength by going to settings>user preferences>user device preferences and finding the vibration strength dropdown menu.

    Hillary J.
    US US
    I really like this product

    I really like this product

    Jennifer M.
    US US
    Membership renewal

    I have gladly renewed my son’s membership to revibe. We got the watch last Christmas, and it helped him a lot last school year. This school year began middle school and a much more rigorous schedule. The watch is even more useful this year. We set his schedule, which is different each day. We set reminders at the beginning of the year telling him the location of all his classes (which he doesn’t need anymore). He can add in meetings and projects being due, we have really been using this tool to keep him focused and on task. And it’s working great. The quarter just ended and he has all A’s and B’s.

    Janet D.
    US US
    Definitely worth it

    Purchased the renewal because we have had the OG revibe and the latest one—definitely helps my son —teacher and principal used the data to show how he focuses and what classes it helps most in!

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