The PLUS Plan (for Revibe Connect)

The PLUS Plan has two parts: 

  • Extended Warranty 
    • FREE repair or replacement with return of device
    • Replacement of lost/stolen devices for just $44.95
  • Focus & Attention tracking on the Revibe Connect app


    Extended Warranty Protection Plan

    If for any reason your Revibe stops working, you can send it back to us for a replacement. If lost or stolen, we'll send you a replacement for just $44.95!

    Daily Reporting, Easy to Read Data  

    Access the Revibe Connect app to track progress and identify important patterns right from your phone, tablet or Chromebook. Choose your view: chart, table, or graph. Display data by the day, week, or month.


    Programmable Class Schedule 

    Tells Revibe when to turn on or off, and allows you to view focus metrics by class


    Adaptive Learning Mode  

    Device learns which classes challenge your child's focus most to determine when they may need more frequent reminders. As focus improves, there are fewer reminders.

    Customizable Text Reminders  

    Program custom reminders to display on the device's screen at certain times of day, for example, "Write down your homework" can be set to display every weekday at 2:00pm. 

    Build Self-Esteem  

    Kids see encouraging graphics when they improve, building confidence with positive reinforcement.