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Elementary School Principal uses Revibe to Increase Productivity in Students & Teachers

Reviews From Teachers:

"Revibe is an unobtrusive vibrating reminder to stay on task or if they are on task an encouragement to stay focused. With using Revibe for the past month, my students are more attentive and are gaining more confidence in themselves. You have allowed an awesome piece of technology to help some deserving third graders." - Ms. Carino, Virginia

"A lot of the students who have constantly needed an adult by them to prompt their attention have now been able to use Revibe to learn to self-monitor their behavior. As a result, they have needed significantly less adult prompting and now complete most assignments, even tests independently! The students have gained a lot of skills in being able to cue both themselves and others to ensure their work is being completed in a timely manner. Again, these steps toward independence are huge for any child, especially those in my class who are on the Autism Spectrum. Thank you for contributing toward that!" - Mrs. Endel, Missouri

"This new innovative technology in my classroom gave me the opportunity to try different strategies to help my students with ADHD and Autism focus in the classroom. I have had students wear this and complete reading and writing assignments with more success." - Mrs. McGhee, North Carolina

"I was able to use the Revibe wrist bands with my students during the last few weeks of school. They allowed the students to help regulate their own attention issues without being 'called out' in front of their peers. The vibrations created by the bands were quiet enough that they didn't distract other students who were not wearing them, but effective enough that it gave the inattentive student a reminder to get focused. What a difference it made in allowing them to get their work done in a timely manner! I am so glad that I have these bands available for the beginning of this next school year to help those who need constant reminders to stay focused." - Mrs. Wolgamott, Ohio

"These three boys love wearing their wristbands and they have made a difference in their daily function in the classroom. These wristbands are used to cue and remind students to remain on task and working. Instead of me having to constantly say the students name to redirect them back to their work, the wristband vibrates and gives students a second to ask themselves, "Am I doing what my teacher needs me to be doing?" I have seen students who are off task, quickly get back on task when their wristband vibrates. The wristbands are exciting to my students because they know they struggle to remain on task and they realize the impact these bracelets are making in their daily behavior. They are also excited about the wristbands because they feel special and they love having a "bracelet" to wear." - Mrs. Hester, Arkansas

"Helping students become self-directed learners can be difficult, especially within the at-risk population that I serve. When I presented my students with the opportunity of wearing the Revibe watch which periodically vibrates throughout the class period (thus reminding the wearer to check to see if they are on task), multiple hands shot into the air! This goes to show that my students truly want to be successful, but require assistance in doing so. Thank you so very much for providing these critical tools of success for my students." - Mrs. Prescott, Pennsylvania

"One of the more important positive changes I've seen using these is the fact that the classroom teacher and I are not constantly reminding some of these students to stay on task, because the band does that for us. No student wants to be called out for not paying attention. This alleviates some of that stress, which is so beneficial to their self-esteem." - Mrs. McQuade, Vermont

"The students use the vibrating wrist watches throughout the school day to help them stay on task. Revibe helps them be more independent in their regular education classes so they don't need as much support from adults. They really enjoy Revibe and think they are cool to wear. They like the reminder it gives them to keep working. They like that they don't need an adult next to them keeping them on task and they can self-monitor. Many of my students struggle with their attention to tasks and Revibe has been a great way to motivate them and keep them working!" - Mrs. Helm, Missouri


Reviews From Parents:

My son has sensory processing disorder, and is easily distracted by everything. His teachers had constantly told us they spent quite a bit of time reminding him to get back on task. We were looking for some sort of solution that would help him remember to stay on task at school. We came across the re-vibe and discussed it with friends of ours who were retired school teachers, they all said it sounded like a great solution for a kid like my son.

We got him the re vibe bracelet for him and within the first week his teacher called us at home to ask us if we had started to medicate him because the improvement in his focus in the classroom was so noticeable! He has worn it to school every day since. He was in 3rd grade when we purchased it, and he will be entering 5th grade this month. He has been wearing it for 18 months, and he says it really helps him remember to get back on task before the teacher has to remind him. He has also been very proud of himself when the re-vibe "buzzes" and he was already on task.

My son is one who would be easily distracted by lights or buttons, I love that the re-vibe is very basic in it's outward design. There are no buttons to push, no charging ports to play with and no lights to distract him. There is a tiny light that blinks red when the re-vibe needs to be charged and there is a tiny blue light that glows when the battery is fully charged. These lights are concealed under the box, so they only show when they are lit. These lights also light up to indicate it is break time if you use the homework setting, but again, the lights are not visible when they are not lit up.

I have recommended the re-vibe to all of my friends who have children who struggle to focus and stay on task at school on their own. I have been very happy with the improved classroom focus our son has had since he started wearing it.


My 7 year old was diagnosed with aspergers & ADHD about 3.5 years ago. He has a really hard time focusing & concentrating on his class work. We started using re-vibe about 4 months ago while I was homeschooling him through his 1st grade year. We both instantly saw a difference in his ability to focus. Now that he is in 2nd grade in a public school, he requests to wear it every day. I asked him this morning if he wanted to wear it to school today & he said "yes, it keeps me on task!" . I have had zero complaints from his teacher 3 weeks into the school year. My son is excelling academically as well as behavioral wise. We are so happy & thankful we found re-vibe, it has allowed my son to go to public school & gives him confidence knowing he can stay on task & not needing the constant re-direction of the teacher which can be embarrassing & lead to low self esteem.


Bought this for my 10-year-old son with ADHD. He tends to zone out in class and miss a lot of the lesson or direction given by the teacher. Then when he would come home he wouldn't be able to tell me what they did in class and his planner would not be written in so I could check. Enter Re-vibe. I have noticed a huge difference in his conversations with me after school about what he is doing in class and what he likes and dislikes each day. He also brings home everything he is supposed to every day and writes in his planner. He told me after the first few days that it helps bring him out of his zoning out if it happens and he gets back to the classroom faster. We love it!

My son was recently diagnosed with ADD (ADHD without the hyper part). He at first was not into wearing this, but when he started doing better in school, and his teacher even started seeing the difference, he was on board. During a parent teacher meeting before we bought the Re-Vibe she said he would start a task on point, but then would be caught doodling in his notebook. By the tie she'd get to him, he's be so far gone into his doodle that he missed the classroom time to work on the actual assignment. So, I asked her if she heard about the Re-Vibe, which she hadn't, but was intrigued. I bought it that night... When it came we charged it and he wore it the next day. I emailed the teacher so she knew what we were attempting so she could keep an eye on him, to see if it helped... Oh em gee... He got his first 4!! A week after the re-vibe he was doing better in class.. Once we got him to understand the vibration was like a poke to pay attention to what is being asked of him... He did so well with this that I darn near cried happy tears because we found a non-medicated way to boost his ability to focus, that wasn't a disruptive fidget spinner or anything that made him stand out.


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